Responsible Photography - educational, cultural and photography activities

I am the founder of Responsible Photography - collaborative and participatory educational, cultural and photography activities. Collaborating with partners in the UK and overseas, I facilitate projects and activities for participants of all ages and abilities. Some of the interesting things I do include  school study days, themed photo studies and projects, creative activities, cultural and photography experiences, talks and presentations.

Photography Projects with Responsible Photography         

            * Photo-study days and activities for schools and groups

          * Photo Projects and collaborations - UK and overseas

          * Photography holidays and workshops

          * Culutural experiences

          * Photography campaigns/ issues

          * Talks combining my photography, travel and personal stories  
          * Raise awareness of issues and campaigns - especially copyright!


Educational activities - develop skills whilst learning about different subjects, places and cultures.

Photo Projects - a great way to encourage expression and creativity regardless of age, ability or background. I have facilitated  collaborations, both formal and informal, in the UK and overseas, including an award winning photo project in Morocco.

Responsible Photography in Colombia

Cultural activities and workshops - cultural and photographic experiences and workshops in the UK and further afield.                                                                                                                   

Responsible Photography holidays  - participate on an award winning Responsible Photography holiday. I  collaborate with independent businesses, communities, conservation and income-generating projects to create bespoke, off piste, adventurous experiences. Please get in touch with Gail if you are interested and would like to find out more.  There are three to four opportunities  each year (usually restricted to four participants on each), along with the annual Responsible Photography weekend, held in the UK.  Have a look at  Responsible Photography Holidays, where you'll find out lots more info.

Photography Experiences with Responsible Photography

 Responsible Photography -  collaborative and participatory photography for anybody,anywhere,any age and any ability!

I would love to hear from potential partners or sponsors for pending new photo projects - please get in touch for a preliminary conversation if you can help.